The Hartford Collection (Elijah Griswold)

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General Information

Title: The Hartford Collection

Full Title: The Hartford Collection of Sacred Harmony, Being a New Selection of Psalm Tunes, Hymns and Anthems; from the Most Approved American and European Authors. Likewise, the Necessary Rules of Psalmody Made Easy. The Whole Particularly Designed for the Use of Singing Schools and Musical Societies in the United States.

Composers – Compilers: Elijah Griswold, Stephen Jenks, and John Frisbie

Publication date and place: 1807 by Lincoln and Gleason in Hartford, Connecticut, 60 pp.


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Works at CPDL

Title Year Composer Lyricist First Line Genre Subgenre Vo. Meter
Fading Nature 1807 Stephen Jenks Anne Steele So fades the lovely, blooming flower Sacred 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Glad Tidings 1807 Stephen Jenks Nahum Tate Fear not, said he, for mighty dread Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Humility 1807 Alexander Gillet Isaac Watts My soul lies cleaving to the dust Sacred Psalm-tunes 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Morning Star 1807 Alexander Gillet Benjamin Beddome Ye worlds of light, that roll so near Sacred Set pieces 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
New Greenfield 1807 Stephen Jenks Isaac Watts Hark! from the tombs a doleful sound Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
New Haven 1807 Stephen Jenks Isaac Watts How pleased and blest was I Sacred 4 668. 668
Torrington 1807 Alexander Gillet Isaac Watts Here at thy cross, my dying God Sacred 4 88. 88 (L.M.)