The Companion to the Pilgrim (John Newton)

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General information


John Newton's book The Companion to the Pilgrim is the composer's second collection of sacred music: the title refers to that of his first book, The Pilgrim. The title page of the work describes it as 'Containing Thirty Psalm Tunes, an Anthem, a Funeral Piece, Three Occasional Pieces, and a Dismission, composed and arranged for 4 voices, with the Harmony Condensed for the Organ or Piano Forte, by John Newton, Author of the Pilgrim, &c. Nottingham.'

The title page indicates that the work was entered at Stationers' Hall, and that its price was 6s 6d. The imprint reads 'London, Published for the Author by J. Hart, 109, Hatton Garden _ may be had of the Author & of any Book & Music Seller.'

The publication is not dated, but referring to the copy at shelfmark B.464., the catalogue of the British Library gives it a date of [1839].

The work was published by subscription, and is prefaced by a list of the subscribers.

Publication date and place: 1839 for the Author by J. Hart, 109 Hatton Garden, London.

Description of contents

The collection consists of 31 strophic hymn tunes (one of which, the Sunday school hymn They are blest, and blest for ever, has a hallelujah chorus to be sung after each of the three verses, and is apparently counted among the 'occasional pieces' listed on the title page), four set-pieces (through-composed settings of metrical texts) and an anthem.

The music is laid out in full score with the parts in the order (identified in the first piece in the book) Tenor - Alto - Treble - Bass. The treble (air) and bass are bracketed together, with small notes on these staves filling out the harmony of a keyboard accompaniment (labelled 'Organ' in the first piece in the book). Both Tenor and Alto parts are printed in the treble clef an octave above sounding pitch.

One of the hymn tunes, the tune 'Gratification' for Lo, he comes in clouds descending, is attributed to George Dean (who is also listed as a subscriber to the publication): the rest of the book appears to be Newton's own work.

List of subscribers

Adcock, Mr. Joseph, Nottingham
Allsops, Messrs, Musicians, Nottingham
Amos, Mr. Alexander, Old Radford
Atkin, Mr. William, Arnold

Barker, Mr. George, Radcliff
Battersby, Mr. Samuel, Nottingham
Barton, Mr. John, New Basford
Batty, Mr. William, Sheffield
Barrowcliff, Mr. Joseph, Nottingham
Bailey, Mr. Henry, Nottingham, 2 copies
Bates, Mr. John, New Sneinton
Ball, Mr. Samuel, New Sneinton, 2 copies
Baily, Mr. John, Manchester
Berry, Rev. T., Radcliff
Billyeald, Mr. Thomas, Hyson Green, 2 copies
Blood, Mr. John, Wysall, 2 copies
Blood, Mr. Henry, New Radford
Boot, Mr. Henry, Sneinton Element
Booth, Mr. John, Stapleford
Bonsor, Mr. William, Sutton-in-Ashfield
Boyd, Mr. James, Manchester
Bridges, Mr. John, Nottingham, 2 copies
Bramhall, Miss Eliza, Shrewsbury Road, Sheffield, 2 copies
Bradley, Mr. William, New Radford
Bradbury, Mr. William, Nottingham
Bush, Mr. Samuel, New Sneinton

Chambers, Mr. Robert, Sheffield
Cheatle, Mr. Hyson Green
Choir of Singers, St. Mary's Church, Sheffield, 2 copies
Choir of Singers, Methodist Chapel, East Retford, 2 copies
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Prospect Place
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Bulwell
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, New Lenton
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Kirkby-in-Ashfield
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Newark
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Cotgrave
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, New Radford
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, New Basford
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Hockley, Nottingham
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Stapleford
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Hyson Green
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Halifax Place, Nottingham
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Beeston
Choir of Singers, General Baptist Chapel, Beeston
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Bulwell
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Arnold
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Stoney Street, Nottingham, 5 copies
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, New Basford
Choir of Singers, Friendly Choral Society, Nottingham, 5 copies
Choir of Singers, New Connexion Chapel, Nottingham, 5 copies
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Stapleford, 5 copies
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Hucknal Torkard 5 copies
Choral Society, Hucknal Torkard, 5 copies
Choir of Singers, National School, Carrington
Choir of Singers, Castle Gate Chapel, Nottingham
Choir of Singers, St. James' Street Chapel, Nottingham
Choir of Singers, Sneinton Church
Choir of Singers, Surrey Street Chapel, Sheffield
Choir of Singers, Chapel Street, New Radford
Choir of Singers, General Baptist Chapel, East Retford
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Hyson Green
Choir of Singers, ditto ditto, Hucknal Torkard
Choir of Singers, New Connexion Chapel, Old Basford
Carver, Mr. Samuel, Nottingham, 2 copies
Chapman, Mr. Nottingham
Cooper, Mrs. P., Sherwood Hill
Collingwood, Mr. John, Arnold
Cox, Mr. E., New Lenton
Cottingham, Mr. Gedling
Coupe, Mr. William, Nottingham
Collishaw, Mr. Alfred, Nottingham
Crane, Mr. Thomas, Nottingham
Crow, Mr. John, Nottingham
Cutts, Mr. John, Arnold

Daykin, Mr. John, Carrington
Darker, Mr. Charles, Arnold
Daft, Mr. Francis, Basford
Davenport, Mr. William, Sutton-in-Ashfield
Dent, Mr. William, New Sneinton
Dean, Mr. George, Nottingham
Doubleday, Mr. Thomas, Granby
Driver, Mr. Joshua, Nottingham

Earnshaw, Mr. Thomas, Mansfield
Elliott, Mr. J. C., Nottingham

Farmer, Mr. John, Nottingham
Farmer, Mr. Henry, Nottingham
Field, Mr. Joseph, Nottingham
Fisher, Mr. Richard, Newark
Flint, Mr. Joseph, Sheffield
Foster, Mr. William, Nottingham
Fox, Mr. Henry, New Sneinton
Fox, Samuel, Esq., Manchester

Gadd, Mr. William, New Lenton
Gibbons, Mr. William, Arnold
Goddard, Mr. Isaac, Ilkeston, 2 copies
Goddard, Mr. Enoch, New Radford
Gregory, Mr. T., Nottingham
Gresham, Mr. Christopher, Grantham

Hart, Mr. Edmund, Prospect Place
Hall, Mr. William, Gunthorpe
Hayes, Mr. Reuben, Bulwell
Hart, Mr. Joseph, London, 20 copies
Hayes, Mr. James, Nottingham
Harper, Mr. George, Manchester
Harrold, Mr. Charles, Mountsorrel
Hampson, Mr. James, Pendleton, near Manchester
Hewett, Mr. Thomas, Nottingham
Hewitt, Mr. William, Beeston
Hithersay, Mr. Sneinton Element, 2 copies
Hickling, Mr. Samuel, Arnold
Hill, Mr. John, East Bridgford
Hibbert, Mr. John, Newark
Hives, Mr. William, Cotgrave
Hooton, Mr. Thomas, New Radford
Hooton, Mr. Samuel, New Radford
Houldsworth, Mr. William, Nottingham
Holwell, Mr. Thomas, Wimeswould
Hooke, Mr. Samuel, Old Radford
Hughes, Rev. W., Nottingham
Howett, Mr. Charles, Cotgrave
Hodges, Mr. William, Nottingham
Horsley, Mr. Samuel, Beeston
Hutton, Mr. Alfred Sheffield
Hurst, Mr. Benjamin, Warncliff Side, near Sheffield, 2 copies
Hydes, Mr. William, Sheffield

James, Mr. Matthew, Ruddington
Jessop, Mr. Thomas, Sutton-in-Ashfield
Johnson, Mr. Edmund, New Radford
Johnson, Mr. Robert, Radcliff

Kerry, Mr. George, New Radford
Kerry, Mr. John, New Radford, 2 copies
Kirk, Mr. Thomas, Nottingham, 6 copies
Kiddy, Mr. John, Manchester
Kirkland, Mr. William, Beeston
Knowles, Mr. Daniel, Old Basford
Kirkby, Mr. John, Hyson Green

Lawson, Mr. John, Nottingham
Lees, Mr. John, Hyson Green
Lee, Mr. John, Nottingham
Litchfield, Mr. John, New Sneinton
Lowe, Mr. Joseph, Old Radford
Loseby, Mr. Leonard, Nottingham
Loverseige, Mr. J. B. G., Newark

Maxfield, Mr. Henry, Nottingham
Mann, Mr. Josiah, Arnold
Marriott, Mr. Richard, Nottingham
Maxfield, Mr. James, Carrington
Machin, Mr. William, Newthorpe
Marshall, Mr. William, Nottingham
Matthews, Mr. Gervas, Old Radford
Marshall, Mr. Thomas, Nottingham
Mackenzie, Mr. Andrew, Newark
Mawer, Mr. John, Manchester
Matkin, Mr. William, Nottingham
Marshall, Mr. James, Nottingham
Miller, Mr. John, New Basford
Miller, Mr. Marmaduke, New Basford
Morley, Mr. Thomas, Nottingham
Morley, Mr. Radcliff
Moore, Mr. Thomas, Bulwell
Moreton, Mr. Samuel, Nottingham

Needham, Mr. William, Sheffield
Nixon, Mr., Sandiacre
Nicholson, Mr. John, Sheffield
North, Mr. William, Nottingham
Norman, Mr. Robert, Sutton-in-Ashfield
Norman, Mr., Nottingham

Oldham, Mr. J. N., New Sneinton
Oldfield, Mr. John, Nottingham
Oldham, Mr. Joseph, Old Basford
Osgathorpe, Mr. James, Sheffield

Palmer, Mr. William, Stapleford,
Parkinson, Mr. T., Arnold
Pare, Mr. W. J., Beeston
Peace, Mr. Henry, Sheffield
Parks, Mrs., (late Miss Hopkins) Sheffield
Parker, Mr. Thomas, Cotgrave
Pearson, Mr. John, Nottingham
Pickard, Mr. Henry, Nottingham
Poole, Mr. William, New Sneinton
Pratt, Mr., Sheffield
Price, Mr. Charles, Wallness, Manchester

Reader, Mr. Abraham, Nottingham
Redgate, Mr. William, Nottingham
Redgate, Mr. George, Basford
Redgate, Mr. Thomas, Arnold
Rhodes, Mr. J., Sheffield
Rhodes, Mr. Josiah, Nottingham
Ridge, Mr. Printer, Newark
Richmond, Mr. S., Radcliffe
Richardson, Miss Ann, Mansfield
Roberts, Mr. George, Nottingham, 2 copies
Rowbottom, Mr. George, Hill Top
Robinson, Mr. Edward, Sutton-in-Ashfield
Royce, Mr. Joseph, Nottingham
Rooke, Mr. Samuel, Nottingham
Rolleston, Mr. John, Bulwell
Royce, Mr. George, Leicester
Royce, Mr. William, Nottingham

Sammons, Mr. John, Nottingham
Sandy, Mr. William, Ruddington
Sansom, Mr. Joseph, Pleasley
Saunders, Mr. Joseph, Carrington
Savage, Mr. Thomas, Nottingham
Selby, Mr. Joseph, Balderton
Severn, Mr., Hyson Green
Selby, Mr., Bridgford
Shipley, Mr. William, Old Basford
Shipham, Mr. Benjamin, Nottingham
Slany, Mr. John, Pleasley
Smith, Mr. William, Sheffield
Smith, Mr. James, New Radford
Smith, Mr. James, Nottingham
Spray, Mr. John, New Basford
Spyvee, Mr. William, Nottingham
Spencer, Mr. Thomas, Nottingham
Stenson, Mr. John, Nottingham
Stout, Mr. Francis, Bulwell
Straw, Mr. George, Sheffield
Sutton, Mr. John, Sneinton
Sutton, Mr. Richard, Nottingham, 2 copies

Tarrey, Mr. Joseph, Bulwell
Taylor, Mr. James, New Sneinton, 2 copies
Taylor, Mr. George, Leeds
Taylor, Mr. Joseph, New Sneinton
Taylor, Mr. Edward, Hyson Green
Taylor, Mr. William, Tuxford
Taylor, Mr. Thomas, Eddingly, Notts.
Thornton, Mr. Francis, Hyson Green
Tilley, Mr. Joseph, Bulwell
Towle, Mr. Edmund, Beeston
Toone, Mr. Joseph, Old Radford
Trickett, Mr. Thomas, Storrs, near Sheffield, 2 copies
Turpin, Mr. James, Nottingham
Turner, Mr. John, Nottingham
Turner, Mr. John, Carrington
Turner, Mr. John, Sneinton Element
Turner, Mr. Edward, Smalley
Turner, Mr. William, Arnold

Voce, Mr. Samuel, Cotgrave

Wakefield, Mr. Francis, Old Basford
Walker, Mr. William, Nottingham
Warburton, Mr. John, (President of the Sheffield Choral Society) Sheffield
Warren, Mr. Joseph, Carrington
Watts, Mr. James, Old Radford
West, Mr. Lambert, Nottingham
Wesson, Mr. Thomas, Nottingham
West, Mr. J. S., Stapleford
Whale, Mr. William, Mountsorrel
Whale, Mr. John, Mountsorrel
Wheat, Mr. John, New Sneinton
Whiteby, Mr. Thomas, Stapleford, 2 copies
Whittle, Mr. James, Beeston
Wilson, Mr. William, Nottingham
Williams, Mr. Thomas, Nottingham
Wildgust, Mr. Edward, Bulwell
Wild, Mr. Alfred, Wisewood, near Sheffield, 2 copies
Wilson, Mr. H. Newark
Winter, Mr. William, Nottingham
Windley, Mr. John, New Radford
Wisher, Mr. Loughborough, 2 copies
Wiltington, Mr. William, Sileby
Woolley, Mr. William, New Sneinton
Wood, Mr. Francis, Stubbing, near Sheffield, 2 copies
Woodward, Mr. Thomas, Arnold
Wood, Mr. J., Moor Green
Wright, Mr. William, Nottingham
Wright, Mr. Robert, Old Basford
Wright, Mr. James, Hill Top, near Sheffield, 2 copies

Youngman, Mr. T. P., Nottingham

List of works

Pages Description Text
011 CONGRATULATION. S.M. Hy: 14 Bk: 2 Watts. Welcome, sweet day of rest
022 SABBATH MORN. L.M. Hy: 204 Union Hymn Book. Lord, how delightful 'tis to see
033 ANTICIPATION. C.M. Hy: 321 Union Hy: Bk: O world of bliss, could mortal eyes
044 CONFIDENCE. 6 lines 8s Hy: 94 Deacon's Collection The Lord my pasture shall prepare
055 EXHORTATION. 4. 8s & 2. 6s Hy: 324 Wesley. Come on, my partners in distress
066 TRIUMPHANT. S.M. Hy: 104 Bk: 2 Watts. Raise your triumphant songs
077 CONCORD. S.M. Hy: 30 Bk: 2 Watts. Come, we that love the Lord
088 HOSANNA. 8.7.4. Hy: 165 Union Hy: Bk: Lord, we raise our feeble voices
099 INVITATION. L.M. Hy: 8 Wesley. O every one that thirsts, draw nigh
1010-11 GRATIFICATION. 8.7.4. Hy: 64 Wesley. * [the asterisk refers to a footnote, 'This Tune has been presented to the Author by Mr Ge Dean, Nottingham.'] Lo, he comes in clouds descending
1111 INFINITE. L.M. Hy: 307 Wesley. Eternal power, whose high abode
1212 EXULTATION. C.M. We hope ere long beyond the clouds
1313 REDEMPTION. C.M. O what amazing words of grace
1414 HUMILITY. C.M. Hy: 9 Bk: 2 Watts. Alas! and did my Saviour bleed
1515 SINCERITY. C.M. Hy: 434 Wesley. Jesus, the word of mercy give
1616 DELIGHT. L.M. Ps: 92 Watts. Sweet is the work, my God, my King
1717 ADMIRATION. L.M. Hy: 67 Bk: 1 Watts. Thou whom my soul admires above
1818 ANXIETY. 4. 8s & 2. 6s Hy: 141 Wesley. O love divine, how sweet thou art
1919 JUSTIFICATION. 6 lines 8s Hy 182 Wesley. O love, thou bottomless abyss
2020-21 CELEBRATION. 4. 6s & 2. 8s. Hy 202 Union Hy: Bk: Jesus, our holy Lord
2121-22 SOLICITUDE. 6 lines 8s Hy: 285 Wesley. Jesus, thou sovereign Lord of all
2223 REVERENCE. L.M. Ps: 100 Watts. Ye nations round the earth rejoice
2324 COVENANT. L.M. Hy: 24 Bk: 2 Dr Watts. When the great Builder arched the skies
2425 SAFETY. C.M. Almighty Father, gracious Lord
2526-27 TRIUMPH. 8.7.4. Lo, he comes with clouds descending
2627 PRAISE. 4 lines 7s Children of the heavenly King
2728 PROTECTION. C.M. When some kind shepherd from his fold
2828-29 NAOMI. C.M. When, O dear Jesus, when shall I
2929 WORSHIP. C.M. Come, happy souls, approach your God
3030-31 SUNDAY SCHOOL HYMN. They are blest, and blest for ever
3132-36 KEDRON Thou sweet flowing Kedron, by whose silver streams
3237-40 ANTHEM. from the 72nd Psalm. Blessed be the Lord God
3341-47 COMMEMORATION. A Christmas Piece. High let us swell the tuneful notes
3448-55 HARK A VOICE DIVIDES THE SKY. (A Funeral Piece.) Hark, a voice divides the sky
3556-61 DISMISSION. Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing, bid us all depart in peace
3662 SUPPLICATION. 8 lines 7s Hy: 137 Wesley. Jesu, lover of my soul

Works at CPDL

Title Year Page Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Come, we that love the Lord 1839 7 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Jesus, the word of mercy give 1839 15 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB

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