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The purpose of this template is to provide for alternate/multiple (up to six) voicings on choral works pages, eg. pages for which there are, say, SSAA, SATB, and TTBB editions of a work, as in:



Number of voices: 4vv.   Voicings: SSAA, SATB and TTBB.

Here are all the parameters, with descriptive values:

|v=numvoices|v_add=, with extra info
|1st=1st voicing cat
|alt1st=alternate way to display 1st voicing cat link (defaults to 1st)
|1st_add=additional info after 1st/alt1st
|2nd=2nd voicing cat
|alt2nd=alternate way to display 2nd voicing cat link (defaults to 2nd)
|2nd_add=additional info after 2nd/alt2nd
|6th=6th voicing cat
|alt6th=alternate way to display 6th voicing cat link (defaults to 6th)
|6th_add=additional info after 6th/alt6th


  • The "v=" part of, say "v=4-7", is optional, as long as the number of voices (4-7) is given as the first parameter.
  • The parameter n (number of different voicings) if omitted, defaults to 1 voicing.
  • If you want a space after, say 1st_add, then you must add it explicitly, either by typing " " (nonbreakable space) or the template "{{sp}}" (this template produces an ordinary space).

Syntax examples:

Here is a rather comprehensive (albeit probably arcane) example:

|v_add= plus 8 soli
|2nd_add= (SSAATTBB), both with soli in each part

This produces:

Number of voices: 8vv plus 8 soli.   Voicings: TrMACtTCtBB (SAATTTBB) and SSMzATTBarB (SSAATTBB), both with soli in each part.

The work is categorized in SAATTTBB and in SSAATTBB, both with sortkey "Maria salvatoris Mater, O".

For another example (which would be germaine to the Obrecht Missa Sub presidium tuum), we have:

|3-7|v_add={{sp}}increasing by one voice with each movement
|5th=SSAATTB|5th_add={{sp}}(''Agnus Dei'')

Note the use of {{sp}} is preferred here (and in the previous example) to  , because of the possibility of bad linebreaks, so that the result produced looks like:

Number of voices: 3-7vv increasing by one voice with each movement.   Voicings: SAT (Kyrie), SATB (Gloria), SSATB (Credo), SSATTBB (Sanctus) and SSAATTB (Agnus Dei).

This example shows how Template:MultiVoicing can emulate Template:Voicing:

{{MultiVoicing|4|1st=SATB|var1st=SATB ''divisi''}}


Number of voices: 4vv.   Voicing: SATB divisi

and categorizes the page in SATB

This construct is completely equivalent to

{{Voicing|4|SATB|SATB ''divisi''}}