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This template links to an specific edition at the Petrucci Music Library (IMSLP). Consider that you have the link to a file on IMLSP but you don't know what is the edition page associated with that file. Instead of searching for that page on IMSLP, you can use this template instead; it will create a link that automatically directs to the edition page there:


|id= is the edition number (the number that comes after 'IMSLP' in the link)
|text= is an optional text to be displayed. If not set, "Edition #00000" will be displayed instead.


IMSLP link:

  • http://ks.imslp.net/files/imglnks/usimg/1/16/IMSLP260686-PMLP421496-Various(Warren)-CatchesEtc1-4.pdf

260686 is the edition number. Using the template:

Results in

Edition #260686 on IMSLP
  • {{IMSLP3|id=260686|text=Facsimile}} or {{IMSLP3|260686|Facsimile}}

Results in

Facsimile on IMSLP

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