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This is a template to automate aliases on person pages (Compilers-Editors, Composers, CPDL Editors, Lyricists, Translators).


  1. {{Aliases|<name1>|<name2>|<name3>|…}} – Basic syntax (up to fifteen names)
  2. {{Aliases|<name1>|<name2>|<name3>|…|discuss=<text>}} – Syntax with the optional "discussion" parameter


  1. Names should be in the same form as any of the categories listed above; for example, "Samuel Chapple" not  "Chapple, Samuel".
  2. Please do not include punctuation in a name parameter, unless the punctuation is part of the name. Commas are not usually allowed; if a comma is desired (rarely in a title) use the HTML code (&#44;). The equal sign, semi-colon, slashes, parentheses, quotation marks, and brackets should never occur in a name.
  3. Please do not include connectives ("and", "or"), qualifiers ("perhaps", etc.), or references in a name. Put connectives, question marks, qualifiers, references, and other items relating to an alias in the discuss= parameter.
  4. In applications based on this template, names will be sorted using the template {{LastNameFirst}}, which by default sorts on the last word in the name. If an sorting exception is needed, please enter the exception in the template {{LastNameFirst}}.

The discuss= parameter

  • Internet addresses (URLs, URIs) are usually not allowed – they may render the template non-functional. Instead, name the reference but put the URL in the {{#ExtWeb:}} function.
  • Internal links and templates are generally permitted in this parameter, but not in the name parameters.
  • Consider putting longer descriptions, such as detailed history of a name, in the Description field instead, so users need not scroll through a long discussion to get to the main part of the page.