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Errors in CPDL #3064

m.23, Alto/Tenor, “A-” should be “At-“
m.62, Alto, E should be E flat
m.82, Alto, “Dia-“ should be “Di-“
mm.94-95, Tenor, “live long” should be “long live”
m.103, Sop. I, “lond” should be “long”
m.104, Alto, “-ri-“ should be on 2nd note
m.107, Alto, “-ra-“ should be “-ri-“

Courtesy of Saint Louis Chamber Chorus. --Bobnotts talk 11:28, 27 March 2008 (PDT)


Bar 26: All parts - herd's for herds'.
Bar 30: Soprano II - sheo- for shep-.
Bar 31: All parts - herd's for herds'.
Bar 68: Tenor I - full for ful.
Bar 104: Soprano - o for O.
Bar 116: Tenor I - na. missing.
Jamesgibb (talk) 17:49, 23 December 2017 (UTC)