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Born: 6 June 1979


Stefano Puri is an Italian composer. He started singing liturgical music at a very early age; later, he had piano lessons alongside with the study of composition and orchestration.

A good deal of Stefano's music production comprises choral music, be it sacred (“Shemà Israel”, “Inno al Signore della Tempesta”, “Alleluia: lode cosmica”, “Missa in Nativitate Domini”, “Nicola di Myra”) or secular (“The Ghost”, “Fragments of the Blue Bird”, “Asleep!”, “Three Vocalises for unaccompanied choir”).

Director of the Officina Corale, founder and director of Ensemble Mysterium (vocal quartet specialized in ancient music), he is responsible for the contemporary music under the artistic direction of “La Musica al Centro” (Basilica dei Ss. XII Apostoli - Rome).

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