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Born: 1971

  • Occidental College, Los Angeles, California: B.A. in Music, Composition Emphasis
  • William S. Richardson School of Law, Honolulu, HI: J.D.


I'm a composer of both sacred and secular choral works living in Honolulu, Hawaii. I write mostly for SATB, occasionally with a little divisi on a part or two, and sometimes organ accompaniment. I also have a number of things for ATB, and a few for men's or women's choirs.

I aim to write practical (not predictable) pieces that can be used in church services by small groups of moderately talented singers. A lot of it does scale up fine with larger groups, though, and can be sung by less experienced singers, as long as you give them time to learn. I'm sure good high school choirs, college choirs, and adult ensembles can find fresh and interesting selections among my pieces that would be worth performing. I try to give all the voices some melodic interest, even the poor altos, who are usually saddled with boring filler parts. Everyone gets tunes.

If you choose to perform any of my music, please let me know. Choirs may make as many copies as they need for performance.

My scores are freely available on CPDL and are not intended for re-sale. Also, please do not edit or change the scores.

Works with editions by this editor: 74 (see list)

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scottbvillard At sign.png gmail dot com

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