Sacred Music, comprising Thirty Six Select Hymns (Thomas Jarman)

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General information


Publication date and place: 1809 by James Peck in London.
Thomas Jarman's second book is titled Sacred Music, comprising Thirty Six Select Hymns, adapted for Public Worship, together with Six Anthems or Set Pieces: there are extant copies of the work both with and without the wording 'Second Book' on the title page, and which are otherwise identical.

The book was published in London, being 'Printed and Sold by JAMES PECK, No 47. Lombard Street.' It was priced at 5s, and the title page claims that it was entered at Stationers' Hall, although the Hymn Tune Index does not record any identified entry at Stationers' Hall.

The book was advertised as 'just published' on the front page of the Northampton Mercury on Saturday, 1 April 1809, below an advertisement for a performance of The Messiah and part of The Creation at 'the Meeting-House in Clipstone':

"T. Jarman respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that his Second Book of Sacred Music, containing 36 Psalm Tunes, 6 Anthems, and Pieces, with a figured Bass for the Piano-Forte, &c. is just published, Price 5s. and may be had of the Author, at Clipstone, Northamptonshire, and Mr. Peek, 47, Lombard-Street, London."

The Hymn Tune Index notes that the book was reviewed in the Monthly Magazine on 1 September 1812. This review, on p156 of No. 231 (or '2 of Vol. 34') of the Monthly Magazine, is as follows:

"Sacred Music, comprising Hymns and Anthems; composed by Thomas Jarman, Clipstone, Northamptonshire. 5s.
These hymns and anthems are in four parts, and figured for the organ or pianoforte. Most of the words are from Dr. Watts and Dr. Rippon, and the airs are pleasing, while the construction of the harmonies is sound and respectable."

The index page of Sacred Music, comprising Thirty Six Select Hymns advertises 'Lately reprinted, Mr Jarman's first sett in folio, price Five Shillings'.

Description of contents

The collection consists of 36 strophic hymn or metrical psalm tunes, followed by 6 set-pieces (through-composed settings of metrical texts). The 35th tune, 'Warwick', is followed by a concluding hallelujah in the same key, which is not separately itemised in the description of the book's contents on the title page, but which 'may be sung after any suitable Hymn & Tune'.

The music is laid out in full score with the soprano air next to the bass. The treble clef is used for soprano, alto, and tenor parts, with both the alto and tenor parts being notated an octave above sounding pitch. The vocal bass part is figured: the title page describes it as 'figured for the Piano Forte', possibly implying an expectation that keyboard accompaniment would be more likely in domestic use or for rehearsal than in public worship.

List of works

Pages Description Text
011 LEICESTER NEW. C.M. Psalm 21. Dr Watts. The king, O Lord, with songs of praise
022 MOUNT VERNON. LM Psalm 68 Dr Watts Lord, when thou didst ascend on high
033 WALDGRAVE. C.M. Psalm 111. Dr Watts. Songs of immortal praise belong
044 WELLINGBRO'. L.M. Ps: 45. Dr Watts. Now be my heart inspired to sing
055 DESIRE. C.M. Hymn 45. B. 2. Dr Watts. I love the windows of thy grace
066 NEWPORT. C.M. Psalm 27. Dr Watts. Pt 1. The Lord of glory is my light
077 LEMINGTON. L.M. Psalm 72. Dr Watts. Jesus shall reign where'er the sun
088 NEW CHAPEL. L.M. Psalm 117. Dr Watts. From all that dwell below the skies
099 UNITY. S.M. Hymn 254. Dr Rippon. Blest be the love that binds
109 WORSHIP. S.M. Psalm 99. Dr Watts. Exalt the Lord our God
1110 AMERICA NEW. L.M. Psalm 100. Dr Watts. Ye nations round the earth rejoice
1211 HARMONY. C.M. Hymn 1. Bk 1. Dr Watts. Behold the glories of the Lamb
1312 WALLWYN. S.M. Psalm 48. Dr Watts. Far as thy name is known
1413 OAKHAM. L.M. Hymn 138. Bk 2. Dr Watts. This is the word of truth and love
1514 MARYLAND. C.M. Psalm 84. Dr Watts. My soul, how lovely is the place
1615 NEW DAVIDS. L.M. Psalm 84. Dr Watts. How pleasant, how divinely fair
1716 CONFIDENCE. C.M. Hymn 39. Bk 1. Dr Watts Now shall my inward joys arise
1817 CALCUTTA. L.M. Psalm 97. Dr Watts. He reigns, the Lord, the Saviour reigns
1918 MOUNT OLIVET. L.M. Psalm 135. Dr Watts. Praise ye the Lord, exalt his name
2019 VICTORY. C.M. Hymn 77. Dr Rippon. Hail, mighty Jesus, how divine
2120 BELGROVE. C.M. Psalm 27. Dr Watts. Soon as I heard my Father say
2221 NOTTINGHAM. L.M. Psalm 87. Dr Watts. God in his earthly temples lays
2322 PLAINTIVE. C.M. Psalm 119. Pt 17. Dr Watts. My soul lies cleaving to the dust
2422 BIRMINGHAM. S.M. Psalm 148. Dr Watts. Let every creature join
2523 RUGBY. L.M. Psalm 16. Dr Watts. I set the Lord before my face
2623 SOUTHAM. C.M. Psalm 127. Dr Watts. O happy man whose soul is filled
2724 INFANCY. S.M. Dr Watts's songs. The praises of my tongue
2824 MADELY. S.M. Hymn 547. Dr Rippon. How various and how new
2925 BROWNS. L.M. Psalm 92. Dr Watts. Sweet is the work, my God, my King
3026 ENDERBY. L.M. Psalm 72. Dr Watts. Great God, whose universal sway
3127 WATFORD. C.M. Hymn 66. Bk 2. Dr Watts. Music by Rev. F. A. Cox. There is a land of pure delight
3228 NEW HUNDREDTH. L.M. Psalm 100. New version. With one consent let all the earth
3328 TRIUMPH. Sevens. Hymn 69. Dr Rippon. Now begin the heavenly theme
3429 SABBATH. C.M. Psalm 118. Dr Watts. This is the day the Lord hath made
3530 WARWICK. C.M. Psalm 111. Dr Watts. Great is the Lord, his works of might
3630-31 HALLELUJAH. may be sung after any suitable Hymn & Tune. Sweet hallelujah, let thy solemn sound
3732 GRETTON. L.M. Hymn 228. Dr Rippon. The righteous Lord supremely great
3833-37 GUILSBRO' C.M. Psalm 150. Dr Watts. In God's own house pronounce his praise
3937-42 IMMANUEL. L.M. Hymn 47. Bk 2. Dr Watts. Now to the Lord a noble song
4042-44 NASEBY. C.M. Psalm 134. Dr Watts. Ye that obey th'immortal King
4145-47 JABEZ' PRAYER. S.M. Hymn 381. Dr Rippon. O that the Lord indeed
4247-53 CLIPSTONE NEW. S.M. Hymn 10. Bk 1. Dr Watts. How beauteous are their feet
4354-55 The STANDARD. Dr Watts. Were I so tall to reach the pole

Works at CPDL

Title Year Page Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Great God, whose universal sway 1809 26 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
He reigns, the Lord, the Saviour reigns 1809 17 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 1809 7 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
My soul lies cleaving to the dust 1809 22 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Now begin the heavenly theme (Triumph) 1809 28 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Soon as I heard my Father say 1809 20 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
The Lord of glory is my light 1809 6 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
With one consent let all the earth (New Hundredth) 1809 28 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB

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