Request:La mia doglia s'avanza (Pomponio Nenna)

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Title: La mia doglia s'avanza

Composer: Pomponio Nenna

Date of request: 2004-03-19

Requested by: Fabian Pipolo

Additional notes: This madrigal is from Nenna's First Book (1613)

hmm, despite the table of contents at WP and Il Primo Libro de madrigali à cinque voci. / In Venetia Appresso Angelo Gardano, 1582. at the Petrucci Music Library (IMSLP), that volume opens with "Poi che legato il pie". 1613 suggests the other 'first book' for 4 voices, unavailable at IMSLP as of Fall 2020. Richard Mix (talk) 03:28, 31 October 2020 (UTC)

Status: Requested