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General information

O sanctissimaLink to the English Wikipedia article (O most holy) is a Roman Catholic hymn in Latin, seeking the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The earliest known publication was from the European Magazine from London, dated from 1792. It is presented as a traditional song from Sicily. The tune has been notably reused for the German Christmas carol "O du fröhliche" (O, how joyful) and the English recessional hymn "Lord, Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing.” Similar Latin lyrics have been set to entirely different tunes since the 1500s, by notable composers and arrangers including Leonhard Kleber (probably editing another composer), Louis-Nicolas Clérambault, Ernst T. A. Hoffmann, Antonín Dvořák, and Fritz Kreisler (using a melody of Arcangelo Corelli).

Settings by composers

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

1.  O sanctissima, o piissima,
Dulcis Virgo Maria!
Mater amata intemerata,
Ora pro nobis.

2.  Tu solatium et refugium,
Virgo Mater Maria!
Quidquid optámus per te speramus,
Ora pro nobis.

3.  Ecce debiles, perquam flebiles,
Salva nos, O Maria!
Tolle languores, sana dolores,
Ora pro nobis.

4.  Virgo respice, Mater, aspice,
Audi nos, O Maria!
Tu medicinam, portas divinam,
Ora pro nobis.

English.png English translation

 1.  Oh most holy one, O most gracious
And sweet Virgin Mary!
Loved and inviolate Mother,
Pray for us.

Portuguese.png Portuguese text

1.  Ó santíssima, clementíssima
Doce Virgem Maria,
Mãe tão amada,
Ora, ora, ó Mãe por nós.

2.  És refúgio, refrigério,
Virgem, Mãe, ó Maria!
Tudo esperamos,
Se te invocamos,
Ora, ora, ó Mãe por nós.

3.  Eis-nos míseros e fragílimos,
Tua mão, ó Maria.
Sane os languores,
As nossas dores
Ora, ora, ó Mãe por nós.

4. Virgem, olha-nos, Mãe, contempla-nos
Dá-nos força, ó Maria.
És medicina, ó Mãe divina,
Ora, ora, ó Mãe por nós.

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