Now let my faith grow strong, and rise

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Now let my faith grow strong, and rise is a hymn written by Isaac Watts, and published in his Horae Lyricae under the title 'Love on a Cross, and a Throne'.

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English.png English text

Now let my faith grow strong, and rise
And view my Lord in all his love;
Look back to hear his dying cries.
Then mount and see his throne above.

See where he languish'd on the cross,
Beneath my sins he groan'd and died:
See where he sits to plead my cause,
By his Almighty Father's side.

If I behold his bleeding heart,
There love in floods of sorrow reigns,
He triumph's o'er the killing smart,
And buys my pleasure with his pains.

Or if I climb th'eternal hills
Where the dear Conqueror sits enthron'd,
Still in his heart compassion dwells,
Near the memorials of his wound.

How shall a pardon'd rebel show
How much I love my dying God?
Lord, here I banish ev'ry foe,
I hate the sins that cost thy blood.

I hold no commerce more with hell,
My dearest lusts shall all depart;
But let thine image ever dwell
Stamp'd as a seal upon my heart.

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