Niccolo Zingarelli

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Aliases: Nicolo Zingarelli; Nicola Antonio Zingarelli


Born: 04 April 1752

Died: 05 May 1837


Born in Naples, studied at the Loreto Conservatory. In 1794 he succeeded Gugliemi as choir master of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Taken to Paris after refusing to conduct a Te Deum in honor of Napoleon in 1811. In 1816 he replaced Giovanni Paisiello as choir master of Naples cathedral. He held this position until his death.

He composed 28 masses, 41 operas, 55 Magnificats, 23 Te Deums, 20 Cantatas, 50 Symphonies and many other works.

Some noteworthy pieces…

  • La Passione di Gesu Cristo (Oratorio)
  • The Flight into Egypt (Oratorio)
  • Romeo and Juliet (Opera)
  • Annuale di Loreto (541 Psalms and Propers)

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