Il primo libro de le muse a cinque voci (Antonio Barré)

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General information

Description: This collection was first published 1555 in Rome by Antonio Barré, and reprinted the same year by Antonio Gardano in Venice, who added the numbers 2 and 7 of the below list. Girolamo Scotto published a reprint, containing the same works as Gardano, in 1561.
With the exception of the final two madrigals a sei and a otto all of the works in this collection consist of several parts, from four to seven.

Full title: Il primo Libro de le Muse a cinque voci composto da diversi eccellentissimi musici novamente per Antonio Gardano stampati et corretti con la gionta d'una Canzon & uno Madregale a otto voci. In Venetia apresso di Antonio Gardano, 1555

First Publication date and place: 1555 Rome, Antonio Barré.

Second Publication date and place: 1555 Venezia, Antonio Gardano.

Third Publication date and place: 1561 Venezia, Girolamo Scotto.
Facsimile: from the Munich Digitization Center (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek) or the same via Google Books – Gardano 1555 edition


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List of works available on CPDL or IMSLP

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# Title Composer Voices Voicing Lyricist Remarks
1 Chiare fresche et dolci acque Jacques Arcadelt 5 SATTB Francesco Petrarca
2 A la dolc'ombra de le belle frondi Jacquet de Berchem 3 - 6 SATTB, SAT, SATB, SATTTB Francesco Petrarca
3 Per pianto la mia carne si distilla Vincenzo Ruffo 5 SATTB Jacopo Sannazaro
4 Hai lass'io mi credea Jacquet de Berchem 5 STTTB or STTBB Luigi Tansillo
5 Amor la bella face Antonio Barré 5 SSATTB or AATTTB
6 Deh fuss'il ver Antonio Barré 6 SSATTB
7 Madonna hor che direte Anonymous 8 SSAATTBB Anton Francesco Doni