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What software do I need to view these scores?

You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher. Installing this will allow you to view PDF files either by saving them to your hard drive, or viewing them via a standard web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

When I click on a PDF file, sometimes only a blank page appears. What's up?

This is usually a bug with the web browser software. One possible solution is to click the 'Back' button, wait a few seconds, then click the 'Forward' button on your web browser. For some reason this often fixes the problem. The better solution is to 'save' the PDF file to your hard drive by right-clicking (or click-and-holding for Mac users). Then open the file from your hard drive, avoiding the web browser altogether. You also may wish to update your version of Acrobat Reader if it is not version 5.0 or higher.

When I click on a PDF file, I sometimes end up at some other site, is this normal?

As of July 2001, CPDL has about 1500 scores on its server and also catalogs ~1200 scores that reside on other free music sites. In many cases, the link to an affiliated site will point to a table of contents rather than directly to a PDF file. Look around the site for the desired music. If the website no longer exists, please inform us and we will check to see if music is still available. To return to CPDL, just click the 'Back' button on your browser. Please note that these externally hosted PDFs display a slightly different icon with a globe in it.

Sometimes when I view a PDF file, the score looks bizarre, missing notes/lyrics. What's up?

The problem is usually related to music fonts which are not read by the web browser. The best thing to do is save the PDF file to your hard drive, then try to view it with Acrobat Reader, not with the web browser. If the score still is not appearing correctly, please inform us. On rare occasions the PDF files are incorrectly made, and the font information is lost.

My browser said 'An internal error has occurred' and stopped showing the score, what's wrong?

This is related to the previous problem. The usual problem is again with the web browser not reading font information. Save the file to a hard drive, and try to view it using Acrobat Reader alone. The other common problem in this case is that the PDF file was either made incorrectly or has become corrupted. Please contact us and let us know what file is not working.

The score looks good, but some of the bottom seems to be cut off!

That is probably an error in the PDF file, which occurs because the original file was in A4 page format, and the PDF is in US Letter format.

OK, I can see the score on the computer, but the print output looks all wrong!

This is usually a font-handling/printer problem, more common with older non-Laser printers.

The score looks perfect on my computer, but when I print out, the bottom/sides seem to be cut off.

This is due to the differing page sizes in the world. The US uses 'Letter Size' paper which is slighlty wider and shorter than 'A4' paper which is common in Europe. The usual problem is that the bottom of a score is cut off. If your printer is capable, try setting the properties so that the music is reduced slightly (i.e. 95% of normal). Otherwise, you may wish to buy some paper of the other size (most printers can easily print in either size).

I can't seem to open the downloaded file with Finale 2001. it always comes up in Word and is a mess. Any help?

In the interest of saving space many of the Finale and Encore files were zipped or compressed. You must unzip the files before viewing them. Use a standard compression program first, and then you should be able to open the file. Now Finale files and Sibelius files are being saved in uncompressed format, because the file size has been made smaller, and some people like viewing the files with Finale Music Viewer and Scorch (respectively).

Most scores I attempt to print are printed minus the noteheads, dynamic markings, clefs, key and time signatures.

Assuming that you can correctly view the scores, the problem is almost certainly your printer. Some inkjets and older printers do not correctly process the font information. We suggest finding a newer Postscript laser printer, and trying to print. If that is still a problem, please describe your problem in detail (problem files, operating system, printer information) in CPDL forums.

I can view the pages on screen fine, but often when I try to print I get a data error concerning printer drivers. Help!

Go to the vendor's website and download an updated printer driver for your particular printer (if there is one). Then save the score file to your disk rather than viewing it in a browser. If neither of these work, I would suggest finding a different printer (preferably a Laser printer). It is also possible that your printer only has problems with certain PDF files.

I have adobe acrobat reader 5.0 - when I select a score to view it, my computer freezes - not sure if the problem is with my computer or if I am attempting to download score from the wrong place

Which browser are you using? I would suggest isolating the problem by saving the file to your hard drive and opening it with Acrobat Reader, rather than opening it with a web browser.

Can someone tell me where I can download Finale Music Viewer? Is it a PD utility, freeware, or paid-for software?

Finale Music Viewer has now become Finale Reader. It is a free download from the makers of Finale.