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{{#ExtWeb}} is a parser function used to clearly identify the section containing links to external websites in a work page (although it can be used on any pages).

Parser functions are similar to templates, however, while templates are programmed as wiki pages using wiki code, parser functions are programmed in php language, and this allows to implement functions that are very difficult or even impossible to implement using templates.

The general syntax of the ExtWeb parser function is:

{{#ExtWeb:Line 0
Line 1
Line 2
(other lines)

Line 0, placed on the same line of the ExtWeb magic word, may be present or not: it is treated like all other lines.

Line contents are preserved as they are. There is no check that they actually contain external links, and no attempt to separate text fields from links. The only constraint is that they must be on a single line, because new line characters are used to identify and separate lines.

Empty lines are ignored (i.e., consecutive new line characters are merged into one).

When the page is rendered, an asterisk is added at the beginning of each line if not present already, so that each line is represented as a bullet point.

The header displayed on top of the list is governed by the MediaWiki:ExtWeb_header page.

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