Fabio Costantini

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Born: ca. 1575

Died: ca. 1644


Italian music editor and composer, brother of Alessandro Costantini. He sang under Palestrina at St Peter's, Rome (until 1610), and held posts as maestro di cappella, notably at Orvieto Cathedral (1610-14, 1618-22), Santa Casa, Loreto, Ancona and Ferrara Cathedral.

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List of choral works

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As Composer and Editor

  • Selectae cantiones octonis vocibus concinendae (Rome, 1614)
  • Raccolta de' salmi a otto, Op. 2 (Rome, 1615)
  • Selectae cantiones (Rome, 1616)
  • Scelta di motetti, libro secondo, Op. 4 (Rome, 1618)
  • Ghirlandetta amorosa (Rome, 1621)
  • Sacrae cantiones (Antwerp, 1621)
  • L'aurata cintia armonica, libro secondo, Op. 8 (Orvieto, 1622)
  • Motetti a 1. 2. 3. 4. è 5. voci, libro quarto, Op. 12 (Venice, 1634)
  • Salmi, magnificat, e motetti a otto voci con basso continuo, libro sesto di salmi, Op. 13 (Orvieto, 1639)

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