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The Third Sunday of Easter, also known the 2nd Sunday after Easter (Dominica II post Pascha) or Jubilate, after the introit, takes the propers formerly assigned to the following Sunday (Dominica III post Pascha)

Besides moving the propers a week earlier (ie. before Misericodia), the three-year Lectionary adopted in 1970 replaces the Gospel of John 16:16-22 (sorrow into joy) with Luke 24:13-35 (the journey to Emmaus, Year A), Luke 24:35-48 ("See my hands and feet", Year B), and John 21:1-19 ("Peter, do you love me?", Year C).

Proper Liber usualis
(Dominica III post Pascha)
Graduale Romanum (1974)
(Third Sunday of Easter)
Introit: Jubilate Deo
First Alleluia verse: Redemptionem misit Dominus Cognoverunt discipuli
Second Alleluia verse: Oportebat pati
Offertory: Lauda anima
Communion: Modicum, et non videbitis me

Year A: Surrexit Dominus
Year B: Cantate Domino
Year C: Simon Joannis, diligis me

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