Behold, the friend of sinners dies

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General information

This is an hymn by Henry Alline, 1786, his Hymn 45 if Book 2, entitled On the death of Christ. Meter is 888. 888.

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Text and translations

English.png English text

1. Behold the friend of sinners dies,
With love and pity in his eyes,
To save a guilty soul from death!
O sinners hear his dying groan,
Your load of sin he bears alone,
And yields for you his life and breath.

2. Down to the grave amongst the dead,
Behold he bows his glorious head;
All earth and hell against him too!
For rebel men, he prays he cries;
For rebel men he groans, and dies;
All this, O wretched souls, for you.


3. And now with mighty power to save,
Behold he triumphs o'er the grave;
To conquer death and save from hell;
And still he doth for sinners plead,
His spirit with them intercede,
Entreating them in heaven to dwell.

4. Now they may dwell upon his breast,
Dwell in his love forever blest;
O sinners, bow and love his name;
Come now and taste his dying love,
And ever live in realms above,
To love and praise the slaughtered Lamb.

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