Barnabas McKyes

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Born: c. 1765

Died: 24 March 1835, Amherst, Hamilton Twp., Northumberland, Ontario, Canada

Barnabas’ father Daniel emigrated from the Isle of Man in the mid-eighteenth century. They possibly moved to Pennsylvania, but eventually moved to Wallingford, Connecticut, by 1790; and Barnabas’ first son Willis was born in Vermont in 1794. Around the turn of the century the family settled in Ontario, "Upper Canada" as it was then known. Here they were one of the first new settler families, along with the Burnhams who were founders of the Hamilton township. The Burnham and McKyes families appear to have became well acquainted; Zacheus Burnham, Mark’s older brother, appears as an executor of Daniel McKyes’ will in 1811. Barnabas’s direct descendants still live in south-east Canada (Tilford-Mock 2012).

Barnabas McKyes contributed to Asahel Benham's Federal Harmony (1790-1792) and Social Harmony (1798), Uri Hill's Vermont Harmony (1801), John Bushnell's Musical Synopsis (1807), The New-York Selection of Sacred Music (1809), and Mark Burnham’s Colonial Harmonist, 1832, published in Port Hope, Ontario. There is no Wikipedia page.

List of choral works


1. Psalm-Tunes

2. Anthems and Set-Pieces


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