Assumpta est Maria

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Offertory for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Aug. 15). The variant "laudantes" for "collaudantes" is given for the antiphon used at Vespers and Lauds, which omits the final "alleluia".

There is also an Alleluia verse "Assumpta est Maria in caelum: gaudet excercitus angelorum."

Asuncion de la Virgen, El Greco (Art Institute of Chicago)

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Assumpta est Maria in coelum:
gaudent angeli, collaudantes benedicunt Dominum,
Secunda pars
Maria virgo assumpta est ad aethereum thalamum,
in quo Rex regum stellato sedet solio.

English.png English translation

Mary is taken up into heaven,
the Angels rejoice, praising, they bless God.
Second part
Mary the Virgin is taken up into the heavenly chamber,
in which the King of kings sits upon His starry throne.

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