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Use this template to request that two or more pages be merged. Place this template at the top of the page, and do not remove any text from the page. Use this template if you're not sure which of the pages should be kept. If you have strong reasons in favor of one of the pages, consider using templates {{mergefrom}} and {{mergeto}} instead.


(a) for merging this page with a single other page:

{{merge|<other page name>|discuss=<Talk:Page name>}}

(b) for merging this page with up to four other pages:

{{merge|<n others>|<other page name_1>|..|<other page name_n>|discuss=<Talk:Page name>}}

where <other page name> is the exact title of the other page with which the first page should be merged and <Talk:Page name> is the exact title of one of the pages' talk page (note: this last variable must be the same for all pages to which this template is added, so that discussion about the merger only occurs on one talk page).

Pages thus marked appear in category Merge requests for Sysops and other experienced users to consider and merge if appropriate.