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This template is designed for a text page, so that the a link to the text can appear on the author's page, using template {{AuthorTextsList}}. Template Author may also be used on a work page, below the text.


{{Author|<Author>|<First text line>|yr=<year>|page=<text or work>|an2=<aname2>|an3=<aname3>|pub=<pubname>}}


  1. Author's name, exactly as it appears on the Author (Lyricist) page.
  2. First line of text, same as a text page title (without the author's name) but not necessarily the work page title. This text will appear on the Author-Lyricist's page under Texts by (Author).
  • yr= – Year the text was published.
  • page= – One of three words: (a) text for use as a separate line on a text page, or (b) work for use following text on a work page, or (c) line for use within a text line on a work page or text page. Defaults to text
  • an2= – (Optional) second author.
  • an3= – (Optional) third author.
  • pub= – (Optional) title of publication where text first appeared. If you want a link to appear, you must supply square brackets; please do not use either template {{NoCo}} or {{NoComp}} – the curly brackets will mess up the program.

Appearance of template

Command page= Appearance Use on pagetype:
{{Author|Paul Gerhardt|Befiehl du deine Wege|yr=1653|page=…}} text Author: Paul Gerhardt, 1664 Text page
work (Paul Gerhardt, 1664) Work page, below text
line ……Paul Gerhardt (1664)…… Either Work or Text page

Whenever this template is used, the page is included in category Texts by known authors

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