Matheo de Aranda

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Alias: Mateus de Aranda


Born: c.1495, ?Aranda de Duero, Spain

Died: ?15 Feb 1548, Coimbra, Portugal


Spanish composer and theorist. He was Mestre de Capela at the Cathedral of Évora by 3 April 1528. He held this post until 26 August 1544, when he was appointed Lente de Musica (a teaching post) at the Coimbra University, a post which he held until his death.

Although he had composed music, Aranda is most important as a theorist. His two music treatises were the first to be printed in Portugal, although they are written in Spanish. In his Tractado de Canto Mensurable (Lisbon, 1535), his examples of species counterpoint were the first polyphony published in Portugal.

A few compositions are attributed to him: a four-voice setting of Adjuva nos Deus, and two mass fragments: Et incarnatus and Et vitam, all found in the manuscript (P-EVp Cód. CLI/1-9 d.) at Évora Public Library.

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  • Tractado d'canto llano (Lisbon, 1533/R1962)
  • Tractado de canto mensurable (Lisbon, 1535)

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