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Born: October 1980


Kathryn Rose was born in Saskatchewan, Canada and studied the piano from the age of four. She composed her first piano piece at the age of seven and started playing the horn at eleven, winning a medal in a provincial music festival when she was only twelve. She studied horn with Dr Tom Staples and piano with Glen Montgomery at the University of Lethbridge, Canada before moving to London in the year 2000. In London she studied with Julian Baker before attending Trinity College of Music, where she studied horn with Stephen Stirling and Roger Montgomery, and jazz with Jim Rattigan and Mark Bassey.

In London, Kathryn has performed several solo recitals as both horn player and pianist, and acted as musical director for various community dramatic productions. She has also performed on serpent and tenor cor and busked on the London Underground. From 2010 to 2016 she was organist and choirmistress at St Andrew's Church, Leytonstone, where several of her works have been sung; other works have been performed at St Paul's Cathedral, London, Southwark Cathedral, St Thomas's 5th Avenue, New York, and at a service with the congregation of St George's Cathedral, Jerusalem, on the banks of the River Jordan. She received an MMus in contemporary sacred choral composition from the University of Aberdeen in 2022, where she studied with Professor Paul Mealor.

Kathryn has a strong interest in making music more readily available to the general public and is passionate about removing barriers to access. She has organized performances of public-domain music aimed at raising awareness of copyright and intellectual property issues from the perspective of audience, performers and composers.

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