John Geeres

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Born: ca. 1600

Died: 4th March 1642


John Geeres was a British singer and composer active during the early to mid-17th century. Little is known about his early life. There are several possible baptism records that could refer to him, all in the south-east of England in the first few years of the 1600s. The first concrete information about Geeres places him in Cambridge in the early 1620s, where he studied for a degree at the University while working as a lay clerk at King’s College. He remained at the college until the late 1620s. At this point, he moved to Durham, where he worked as a lay clerk at Durham Cathedral until his death. Several works by Geeres survive, in sets of books at Cambridge and Durham. These include several verse and full anthems, and a response for Compline.

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Geeres is not known to have published any of his material. All known sources of his music are in handwritten mansucripts.

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