Giulio Bonagiunta

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Alias:  Giulio Bonagionta


Born: c.1530, San Ginesio, Papal States

Died: after 1582

Biography Giulio Bonagiunta was an Italian cleric, singer, composer, and editor. Starting his career as a singer in Loreto, in 1560, he moved to Venice to sing at St Mark's in 1562. He befriended many musicians and members of the city's musical establishment, allowing him to collect and edit their works in several musical publications. In 1568, he moved to Parma to work as a musical director of sorts for Duke Ottavio Farnese.

List of choral works

No works currently available

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as Editor

Le Vive Fiamme

Il primo libro delle fiamme (Venice, 1565) – posthumous publication of madrigals by Cipriano de Rore
Il secondo libro delle fiamme (Venice, 1567)
Il terzo libro delle fiamme (Venice, 1568)

Il Desiderio

Il Desiderio libro primo (Venice, 1566)
Il Desiderio libro secondo (Venice, 1566)
Il Desiderio libro terzo (Venice, 1567)