Constantin Ivanovich Edler von Sternberg

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Born: 1852

Died: 1924


Constantin Ivanovich Edler von Sternberg was born in Petrograd, Russia. He studied piano at the Leipzig Conservatory and at the Berlin Academie, and spent a summer visiting Liszt. He was conductor of the Brühl Theater, Leipzig; assistant chorus-master at City Theater; conductor at Würzburg Theater; conductor at Kissingen Summer Theater; and conductor of court opera at Mecklenburg-Strelitz. He served as the court pianist of Mecklenburg and gave concert tours in Russia, Asia Minor and Central Asia. He travelled to the U.S. presenting concert tours in 1880-85. He chose to stay in the States and became Director of the College of Music at the Atlanta Female Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1890, he founded the Sternberg School of Music in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was an editor for G. Schirmer and wrote numerous articles for several journals. Most of his compositions are for the piano with a small assortment of other literature.

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