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Aliases: Pietro Cesti; Marc'Antonio Cesti – Baptized Pietro, taken into the Franciscan order as Antonio, sometimes called Marc'Antonio


Baptized: 5 August 1623

Died: 14 October 1669

Biography Italian singer and composer of operas and cantatas. In 1637 he joined the Franciscans. While he was in Volterra he turned more toward secular music, perhaps due to the patronage and influence of the powerful Medici family. By 1650 Cesti's calling as a Franciscan friar and his success as a singer and composer for operas was coming into conflict, and he was officially reprimanded. In 1652 he became a member of the court at Innsbruck of Ferdinand Charles, Archduke of Austria. In 1666 he became Vice-Kapellmeister at Vienna. He composed 16 operas and about 70 cantatas (about half the number that are attributed to him).

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List of choral works

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  • 1651 – Alessandro vincitor di se stesso (libretto by Francesco Sbarra)
  • 1651 – Il Cesare amante (libretto by Dario Varotari the Younger)
  • 1654 – Cleopatra (libretto by Dario Varotari)
  • 1655 – L'Argia (libretto by Giovanni Filippo Apolloni)
  • 1655 – Marte placata (libretto by Giovanni Filippo Apolloni)
  • 1656 – Orontea (libretto by Giacinto Andrea Cicognini, rev. Giovanni Filippo Apolloni)
  • 1657 – La Dori (libretto by Giovanni Filippo Apolloni)
  • 1659 – Venere cacciatrice (libretto by Francesco Sbarra)
  • 1662 – La magnanimità d’Alessandro (libretto by Francesco Sbarra)
  • 1666 – Il Tito (libretto by Nicolò Beregan)
  • 1666 – Nettuno e Flora festeggianti (libretto by Francesco Sbarra)
  • 1667 – Le disgrazie d'Amore (libretto by Francesco Sbarra)
  • 1667 – La Semirami (libretto by Giovanni Andrea Moniglia)
  • 1667 – La Germania esultante (libretto by Francesco Sbarra)
  • 1668 – Il pomo d'oro (libretto by Francesco Sbarra)
  • 1669 – Genserico (libretto by Nicolò Beregan)

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