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Born: ca. 1790

Died: ca. 1850

Biography William Moore was a composer and tunebook compiler. He was living in Wilson County, Tennessee, in 1825, when he compiled Columbian Harmony. He contributed tunes to Wyeth's Repository in 1810, and is cited as composer or arranger of several tunes in William Walker's Southern Harmony, 1835. Dates of birth and death unknown, in part because of common name (Music 1985).

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  • Moore, William. 1825. Columbian harmony: or a choice collection of psalm tunes, hymns, and anthems … selected from the most eminent authors in America. Cincinnati, Ohio: Morgan, Lodge, and Fisher. 200 pp.


  • Music, David W. 1985. William Moore's Columbian Harmony. The Hymn 36:18-19.
  • Steel, David Warren, and Richard H. Hulan. 2010. The Makers of the Sacred Harp. Urbana, Illinois: University of Illinois Press. 322 pp.

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Works attributed to William Moore

Date² Pg. Title Key First Line Vo. Comment
1825 144 Amanda a Jesus, my all, to heaven is gone 3 By P. A. Axton and William Moore¹
1825 148 Bethlehem a All glory to God in the skies 3 By William Moore¹
1825 56 The Boin Water e My brethren all, on you I call 3 By William Moore¹
1825 149 The Christian Soldier G Hark! listen to the trumpeters 3 By William Moore¹
1825 147 The Converted Thief C As on the cross the Savior hung 3 By William Moore¹
1825 111 The Evening Meditation a I'll sing my Savior's grace 3 By William Moore¹
1825 113 Harewell f# Come Christians be valiant, our Jesus is near us 3 By William Moore¹
1825 108 Heavenly Prospect A I'm on my way to Canaan 3 By William Moore¹
1825 122 Holy Manna C Brethren, we have met to worship 3 By William Moore¹
1825 112 Jackson f# The spacious firmament on high 3 By William Moore¹
1825 109 Jubal's Trump A What sound is this salutes my ear 3 By William Moore¹
1825 122 Lebanon a Mourning souls, no longer grieve 3 By William Moore¹, for Lebanon, Tennessee
1825 57 London A From all that dwell below the skies 3 By Reubin Monday and William Moore¹
1825 150 Montgomery C Early, my God, withhout delay 4 By Justin Morgan, 1790
1825 110 The Royal Proclamation F Hear the royal proclamation 3 In Supplement to the Kentucky Harmony, 1822
1825 121 Salem F How sweet the name of Jesus sounds 3 By William Moore¹
1825 37 Solemnity C Jesus my all to heaven is gone 3 Devotion in Johnson's Tennessee Harmony, 1818
1825 39 The Sufferings of Christ D Throughout the Savior's life we trace 3 By William Moore¹
1825 135 Sweet Rivers F Sweet rivers of redeeming love 3 By William Moore¹
1825 130 Wesley a With inward pain my heartstrings sound 4 By a different, Northern Moore (J. W.?)
1825 124 Wilson a O when shall I see Jesus 3 By William Moore¹, for Wilson County, Tennessee
¹. Music (1985)
². 1825 = Columbian Harmony.