Vorrei che tu cantassi una canzone

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General information

The phrase "fa mi la mi sol la" has a double meaning: it consists of solization sylables, but when spoken carries a meaning, see below in the translations.

Settings by composers

Italian.png Italian text

Vorrei/Vorria che tu cantassi una canzone,
quando mi stai sonando la viola.
E che dicessi fa mi la mi so la.

Vorrei lo basso far co'l violone,
Tutto di contrapunto alla spagnuola.

German.png German translation

Ich möchte, dass du ein Lied singst,
während ich die Viola spiele,
und dass du sagst: mach es nur mir allein.

Ich möchte den Bass spielen mit dem Violone,
ganz den Kontrapunkt nach spanischer Weise.

Translation by Gerhard Weydt
English.png English translation

I would like you to sing a song,
while I am playing the viola,
and you to say: do it for me only.

I’d like to play the bass with the violone,
all the counterpoint in the Spanish way.

Translation by Gerhard Weydt