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Born: 01 February 1859

Died: 26 May 1924


(synopsis) Victor August Herbert was born in Dublin, Ireland. After his father died, his mother married a German physician, and the family moved to Stuttgart, Germany. He studied cello, attended the the Stuttgart Conservatory, and played in several orchestras. He moved to New York and became principal cellist for the Metropolitan Opera orchestra. He also played in the New York String Quartet, served as conductor of summer concerts and festivals, and joined the faculty of the National Conservatory of Music. He later became conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and founded the Victor Herbert Orchestra. He was active as a composer and became best known for his highly successful operettas that premiered on Broadway from the 1890s to World War I. He championed composers’ rights and was instrumental in advocating for the passage of the American copyright law of 1909. With John Philip Sousa and Irving Berlin, he co-founded the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP). A prolific composer, Herbert produced two operas, a cantata, 43 operettas, incidental music to 10 plays, 31 compositions for orchestra, nine band compositions, nine cello compositions, five violin compositions with piano or orchestra, 22 piano compositions and numerous songs, choral compositions and orchestrations of works by other composers, among other music.

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