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Bonjour Hélène! I noticed that you started uploading the midis you had written us about, thank you! If you prefer, you may pack all midis of a certain work inside a zip file and upload it instead; the option is yours. Cordialement, —Carlos Email.gif 15:38, 31 July 2012 (CDT)

ajout de fichiers midi SATB avec partition "pdf" pour des compositeurs existants

Comme apparemment il n'a pas été possible pour CPDL de créer un interface administratif permettant d'ajouter 4 fichiers midi (par voix SATB mises en évidence) à une seule oeuvre de compositeur déjà répertorié en CPDL, je propose de faire un upload d'un pdf accompagné d'un seul fichier midi (alto - voix mise en évidence)....mais les instructions pour le faire ne me semblent toujours pas simples !
J'ai actuellement les fichiers suivants prêts (pdf + audio midi "alto") :

  • Bach - Crucifixus (della messa in Si-BWV232,
  • Kyrie de Missa Brevis, Andrea Gabrielli
  • Laudate Dominum de William Croft (from "Cathedral Music)
  • Ave Maria de Robert Pzarsons (1570), Ed. Rick Weeler
  • Missa Secunda - Kyrie de Hans Leo Hassler
  • Ubi Caritas de Ola Gjeilo
  • Gloria all'Egitto, Gran Finale Seconda (Aïda, Verdi)
  • Freudig begrüssen wir (Choeur des Invités, Tannhauüser, Rich.Wagner) - transp. en Sib.majeur
  • Ave Maria (dit de Giulio Caccini)
  • Canticorum Jubilo (from "Jesus") G.F.Haendel.

Helene Morleghem 06:11, 28 February 2015‎

Hi Hélène! As no one opposed to it, you may use the solution developed by me back in 2012. It makes use of a template named {{TrainingAids}} (click on the title for more details). You can see this template in action at Missa brevis in F (Andrea Gabrieli), where I have included it with the training aids contributed by you for the Kyrie movement.
Please understand that the TrainingAids template should be used only when you contribute midis without an associated pdf. If a pdf is also available, then you must follow the usual procedure for submitting a new edition. Taking for example William Croft: the first thing to do is to check on the composer page whether a page for Laudate Dominum already exists. In this case it does; click on the work's title to go to Laudate Dominum (William Croft). On the top right of that page, you will see a tab that reads "Add new edition". Click on that link and fill out the form that appears with all the information regarding your edition. If you haven't yet upload your files, you can do it from inside the form. If you have prepared training aids for just Altos, that's fine, but if you can upload all four voices, that would be better still. You may gather all midi files inside a single zipped file, if you prefer.
If you go to the composer page and notice that the work you want to post is not available yet, then look for a tab "Add new edition" at the top of the composer page. Complete the form all the same, and at the end of the process a new page will be created for the work you submitted.
I hope my instructions are clear enough; please don't be shy to ask for help from me or one of the admins. And don't worry if something goes wrong, it all can be fixed later by one of us. Regards, —Carlos Email.gif 17:53, 28 February 2015 (UTC)

ajout de fichiers midi à une partition existante


J'ai fait quelques essais d'ajout de partition pdf avec fichiers midi SATB voix séparées (Bach-Crucifixus Missa BWV232 et Laudate Dominum de William Croft). Je ne sais pas si tout a bien fonctionné.

Mais ce matin, je veux seulement ajouter des "training aids" : plusieurs fichiers midi, SSATB, voix séparées, à un pdf existant : Rick Wheeler Ed.CPDL00334. Mes fichiers midi sont basés sur ce pdf. Carlos m'a dit que dans ce cas, il faut utiliser un "template" pour les training aids... je ne vois pas où je trouve ce template ?

Would it be better in English ? : Yesterday I added pdf's and midi files for Bach Crucifixus and Croft Laudate Dominum. I am not sure I did it right !

But mainly, this morning I just wanted to add "training aids" : several midi files SSATBB, separate voices, to a score already existing : the one from Rick Wheeler, Ed.CPDL00334, on which my midi files are based. Carlos said for this sort of adding, I had to use a "training aids Template". The example he showed me was in html language, I don't know what to do with that, and Where can I find this template ? Thanks for help. Helene Morleghem.

Hi Helene. In the case of the Ave Maria (Robert Parsons) that you cited, you may follow the example below to add your training aids to that page:
|contrib = Helene Morleghem
|file1 = filename_1.mid
|desc1 = Soprano
|file2 = filename_2.mid
|desc2 = Alto 1
|file3 = filename_3.mid
|desc3 = Alto 2
|file4 = filename_4.mid
|desc4 = Tenor
|file5 = filename_5.mid
|desc5 = Bass
|date  = 2015-03-02
|CPDL# = 00334
|notes = optional notes}}
Copy the text above and paste on that page, making the necessary changes: replace filename_1.mid with your own filename (and so on for the other files); change voicing descriptions accordingly.
You have uploaded correctly the files for Bach's Crucifixus and Croft's Laudate Dominum. Just please avoid using too generic filenames, as you did with File:Crucifixus.pdf. When you uploaded it, you inadvertently overwrote someone else's file. To avoid this, always include the composer name in the filenames, as you have properly done with the Laudate Dominum by Croft.
To make these editions available, an extra step is required: to post them to the proper pages. Please read again my reply from February 28 where I explain the process step by step. Regards, —Carlos Email.gif 17:41, 2 March 2015 (UTC)

Training aids

Hi Helene, you did a very good job adding your training aids to Ave Maria (Robert Parsons). Nothing to be fixed, way to go! —Carlos Email.gif 05:48, 6 March 2015 (UTC)

Pietro Mascagni - Scena e Preghiera

New files posted recently : PDF score and 8 audio files. Where do I add them ? there is no Composer page yet, Mascagni is in the "unhosted composers list"... How can I have this composer listed in the normal "Composer pages" ? On the other hand, I hope it is now free of rights, as this composer died August 2, 1945. Can you please help ? Thank you.

Hello Helene, I've just moved Pietro Mascagni to the Composers category. Please open his composer page and start the submission process by clicking on the "Add new edition" tab at the top of that page. Thank you! —Carlos Email.gif 13:38, 9 April 2015 (UTC)
Oh, I just noticed that your file: Mascagni-Scena.pdf is a scanned copy. We must first certify that it's an edition in the public domain. Where did you get it from, was it at IMSLP? —Carlos Email.gif 13:44, 9 April 2015 (UTC)

pdf file error ?

Michel-Richard Delalande : pdf and audio files added 25 may 2015 (Cantate Domino - new edition : arrangement for SATBB) The uploaded pdf file looks bad : the lines of the staves are not shown. This pdf file, in my documents, is good, and I tried to upload it again, but on the CPDL file it still does not show the lines of the staves. How comes and why ? What can I do ? Thanks for help.

Hi Helene, the pdf looks just fine to me! But you haven't submitted it properly: please go to the Cantate Domino page and use the "Add new edition" tab on its top. Thank you for this new contribution! —Carlos Email.gif 17:09, 28 May 2015 (UTC)

adding new edition

Hello Helene!

Yesterday you created a new topic here titled "adding new edition", but for a technical fault it got erased, sorry. Could you please re-post it? Thank you! —Carlos (talk) 22:02, 3 April 2019 (UTC)