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General information

Vespers hymn for the feast of the Conversion of Paul (Jan 25), drawn from Aurea luce/Decora lux. Pedrell's Victoria edition gives "Decus egregie" and LU "Egregie Doctor". Column 2 is the 'Urbanized' version of 1632.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

5. Doctor egregie, Paule, mores instrue,
Et mente polum nos transferre satage:
Donec perfectum largiatur plenus,
Evacuato quod ex parte gerimus.

7. Sit Trinitati sempiterna gloria,
honor, potestas atque iubilatio,
in unitate, cui manet imperium
ex tunc et modo per aeterna saecula
Aurea luce page, agreeing w/ Antiphonale Monasticum 1934 Conversion (for Aurea only 4vv, 1,2,3,7)

Latin.png Latin text

1. Egregie Doctor Paule, mores instrue,
Et nostra tecum pécora in caelum trahe:
Velata dum meridian crenate fides,
Et solis instar sola regnet caritas.

2. Sit Trinitati sempiterna gloria,
honor, potestas atque iubilatio,
in unitate quae gubernat omnia,
Per universa aeternitatis saecula. Amen.
LU 1239 Conversion of Paul

German.png German translation

5. Herausragender Lehrer, Paulus, bilde die Sitten,
und im Geist zum Pol uns zu bringen mühe dich ab,
bis das Vollkomene reichlicher geschenkt wird,
nachdem abgelegt ist, was wir [nur] zum Teil tragen.

7. Der Dreifaltigkeit sei immerwährender Ruhm,
Ehre, Macht und Jubel,
[der Dreifaltigkeit,] der die Herrschaft in Einheit bleibt,
von jetzt an und ebenso durch ewige Zeiten.

English.png English translation

5. O learned Paul, inspire us from above
With all the graces of the Heavenly Dove;
Bring us the faith to see the truth of God,
And brighten earth with the sweet reign of love.

6. One love, one faith, twin olive trees,
One great strong hope filled both of these.
Full fonts, in your matched charity,
Pray that we may in heaven be.

7. Give glory to the Trinity
And honor to the Unity,
And joy and pow’r, for their reign stays
Today and through all endless days.

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