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General information

Country of origin: Azores, Portugal

Contributor since: 2009-11-27

Number of scores on CPDL: 14

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Contact information

e-mail: musicologicus At sign.png



Luís Henriques was born in the small village of Fajãzinha, Flores Island (Azores). He started his musical studies at the age of 11, and entered the Conservatório Regional de Angra do Heroísmo (Regional Conservatory of Angra do Heroísmo) at the age of 19. He is by this time in the Licenciatura em Música - Musicologia at University of Évora.

He was a founding member of the groups Britanic and Al-Maçã, being lead vocals and clarinet respectively. At Terceira Island he played in wind bands (clarinet) and was a member of various groups in which we can include the Coro Tibério Franco - Terra Chã, Capela e Grupo Instrumental da Sé Catedral de Angra, Coro e Orquestra do Conservatório de Angra do Heroísmo, Banda Lira Açoriana, Coro Pe. Tomás de Borba da Academia Musical Terceirense, Big Band - Festival Angrajazz, among others. He performed in all the islands, Madeira and the Continent with these groups.

In Évora, besides performing with the vocal groups in the University, he is also a member of the Coro Polifónico Eborae Mvsica, with regular concerts all over the country. He studied in the Conservatório with Antero Ávila, Alla Lanova, Oleg Gunko, among others. In University of Évora he is studing with Christopher Bochmann, João Pedro d'Alvarenga, Filipe Mesquita de Oliveira, José Bettencourt da Câmara, Benoît Gibson, Amílcar Vasques Dias, Eduardo Lopes, among others. He also did workshops and courses in clarinet and singing with Isabel Tavares, Francisco Ferreira, José Pedro Figueiredo, Joana de Quinhones-Levy, Teresita Gutierrez Marques, Luís Bragança Gil. In Musicology and ancient music he worked with Rafael Salinas, Josep Pujol, Albert Románi, Luis Villa and Pierre Cao (in E.S.M.UC.); Peter Philips, Graham O'Reily, Armando Possante, Pedro Teixeira and Owen Rees in the last editions of the International Workshop Évora Cathedral Music School.

His work focus on Medieval and Renaissance music with special attention to sacred music. He often publishes papers and articles in diverse journals and magazines. and he is the owner of the blog Atrium Musicologicum, focusing musicology and early music. He is also a researcher on azorean music.


Musicology student at Évora University (a city with quite a music history), studying and transcribing polyphonic music from Évora Cathedral Music School (16th and 17th centuries).