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random stuff

general: ties across half bars

errors in Brian Russel's score of Sibylla Samia words: gentis not Gentis in bar 13 | Gentis in modern similarly for Hunc bar 17 notes general:

just a semibreve at the end (breve in the manuscript and we've halved note values)

sop: bar 11 - it's just 2 fsharps last phrase - repeated sidera mostrant is not marked as editorial (not in manuscipt) tenor: modern has b natural rather than bf on sinu tenor bar 25 (musica ficta - aarg!)

last sidera on tenor part - eflats all the way- over the bar and next note

scores composer = lassus full title of work = ... editor = Reinhold Schlo(two dots over o) tterer place of publication = Kassel publisher = Bärenreiter-Verlag, Karl Vötterle GmbH & Co. KG‎ date 1990

manuscript Vienna, O(two dots)sterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Musiksammlung, Mus. Hs. 18.744

Missa entre vous filles

Kyrie, sop part.

\key f \major
%Kyrie eleison
f2 a4 c bes2 a | f g a1 | r1 bes2 bes4 bes | a2. g4 f2 a | g4 f f1 e2 | f1 r1 | r1 bes2 bes4 bes | a2. g4 f2 a | g f2. g4 a2~ | a4 g f1 e2 | f\breve | 

\key f \major
%christe eleison
r1 c2. bes4 | a g f2 c1 | d g2 a | g1 r2 g2 | a1 f | g2 a r2 d2 | g g4 c2~ |c4 \set suggestAccidentals = ##t b8 a b2 \set suggestAccidentals = ##f c4 g a2 |