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Note: This is a test of templates User:CHGiffen/ComposerHead and User:CHGiffen/ComposerFoot, which are passed to the composer data structure Victoria, Tomás Luis de (which by default invokes the template User:CHGiffen/ShowAllComposer, that lists the contents of every field in the composer data structure). These need expansion, tweaking and refinement, but show how the data for a composer can be kept and maintained in one place (its data structure) and then used in another place – in this case, to build a composer page, but it could also be accessed on a works page (or anywhere else) by passing an appropriate template to the composer data structure.

Tomás Luis de Victoria


  • Vittoria, Tomaso Luigi da
  • Victoria, Tomas Luis de


Born: 1548
Died: 27 August 1611

View Wikipedia article for Tomás Luis de Victoria.


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