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Andrew Sims, 2011

General information

Country of origin: originally United Kingdom, now based in Germany

Contributor since: 2015-08-14

Works with editions by this editor: 1440 (see list)

Contact information

e-mail: andrew At sign.png



Director of the Embassy Singers, Berlin, and of the choir of St. George's Church, Berlin

Andrew studied German and Russian and has worked as a simultaneous interpreter for the German Government since 1988. The scores uploaded to CPDL mainly fall into the following categories:
→ scores produced for the use of his choirs;
→ a lockdown project to make all the public-domain hymns in the hymnal used in his church available online; these, including some which cannot be posted on CPDL, can also be found here,
→ a number of descants written for his choirs (his favourites are The day thou gavest and While shepherds watched),
→ and his series of bar-less Renaissance scores designed to liberate the rhythmic counterpoint. An article explaining the reasoning behind the bar-less scores can be found here.