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'''Contributor since:''' 2004-06-08
'''Contributor since:''' 2004-06-08
'''Number of scores on CPDL:''' 538
'''Number of scores on CPDL:''' 745

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Note: Due to a change of official first name, scores by this contributor before October 2008 may appear under the name Anders Stenberg.

General Information

Contributor since: 2004-06-08

Number of scores on CPDL: 745

Works with editions by this editor: 643 (see list)

Contact Information

email: andreas.stenberg At sign.png pp.inet.fi


Has studied theology at Åbo Akademi and Musicology at Helsinki University, Finland. Have been teaching recorder, theory of music and history of music at elementary and intermediate levels. Is, since 2015, a deacon in the Orthodox Church of Finland.