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==General Information==
==General Information==
'''Title:''' Two Christmas Anthems: Op. 32
{{Title|Two Christmas Anthems, Op. 32}}
{{Published|}}, City: Publisher.
{{Pub|1|1868|in New York by G. Schirmer}}
{{Descr| }}
{{ListSections|All|Dudley Buck|Anthems|Link
|1|There were shepherds|
|2|Christmas Hymn|}}
'''External Links:'''
[[Category:Larger works]]
[[Category:Romantic music]]
===Sections of work===
[[Category:Dudley Buck compositions]]
#[[There were shepherds (Dudley Buck)|There were shepherds]]
#[[Christmas Hymn (Dudley Buck)|Christmas hymn]]

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General Information

Title: Two Christmas Anthems, Op. 32

First published: 1868 in New York by G. Schirmer

External websites:

Anthems in this work

1There were shepherds
2Christmas Hymn