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Alias: Tylman Susato


Born: c. 1510 — 1515

Died: after 1570


German born music printer, publisher and composer. Founded his publishing firm in 1543 in Antwerp where he had been active as a cathedral and town musician. As a printer of music he was the first to publish chansons in Dutch (two collections). Published French and Dutch chansons, dance music and motets by various renowned composers such as Josquin des Prez, Orlandus Lassus and Cipriano de Rore. In 1561, he retired and passed his printing business to his son, Jacob.

Susato's own compositions include one mass, many motets and chansons, some Dutch chansons, 10 three-part Souterliedeken settings (to complete the set of psalms for the last three-part Souterliedeken book after Jacobus Clemens non Papa's death in 1556). The dance settings in his print: "Het Derde Musyck Boexken (Alerhanden Danserye)" were probably at least in large part made by Susato himself.

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