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#Jack and Joan they think no ill
#Jack and Joan they think no ill
#All looks be pale
#All looks be pale
*{{NoCo|Babylon streams (Psalm 51)|Third party arrangement of No 14 with Psalm 51 text underlay}}   {{LLink|Babylon_Streams(Ps_51).pdf|Babylon_Streams.mid}}
*{{NoCo|Babylon streams (Psalm 51)|Third party arrangement of No. 14 with Psalm 51 text underlay}}   {{LLink|Babylon_Streams(Ps_51).pdf|Babylon_Streams.mid}}
'''The Second Booke of Ayres. Containing Light Conceits of Lovers (about 1613)'''
'''The Second Booke of Ayres. Containing Light Conceits of Lovers (about 1613)'''

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Aliases: Thomas Campian


Born: 12 February 1567

Died: 1 March 1620

Thomas Campion was an English composer and poet.

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List of vocal works

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The First Booke of Ayres. Contayning Divine and Morall Songs (about 1613)

  1. Author of light
  2. The man of life upright (II)
  3. Where are all thy beauties now   ( Icon_pdf.gif Icon_snd.gif )
  4. Out of my soul's depth
  5. View me, Lord, a work of thine
  6. Bravely deckt, come forth, bright day
  7. To music bent is my retired mind
  8. Tune thy music to thy heart
  9. Most sweet and pleasing
  10. Wise men patience never want
  11. Never weather-beaten sail     (4 editions available)
  12. Lift up to heaven, sad wretch
  13. Lo, when back mine eye
  14. As by the Streames of Babilon   ( Network.png )
  15. No. XV Sing a song of joy   ( Icon_pdf.gif Icon_snd.gif )
  16. Awake, awake, thou heavy sprite
  17. Come, cheerful day
  18. Seek the Lord, and in his ways persever
  19. Lighten, heavy heart, thy sprite
  20. Jack and Joan they think no ill
  21. All looks be pale

The Second Booke of Ayres. Containing Light Conceits of Lovers (about 1613)

  1. Vaine men, whose follies make a god of love
  2. How eas'ly wert thou chained
  3. Harden now thy tired heart
  4. O What unhop'd for sweet supply     ( Network.png )
  5. Where she her sacred bower adorns
  6. Fain would I my love disclose
  7. Give beauty all her right
  8. O dear that I with thee might live
  9. Good men, show, if you can tell
  10. What harvest half so sweet is
  11. Sweet, exclude me not
  12. The peaceful western wind
  13. There is none, O none but you
  14. Pin'd I am and like to die
  15. So many loves have I neglected
  16. Though your strangeness frets my heart   ( Icon_pdf.gif Icon_snd.gif Capella )
  17. Come away, arm'd with love's delights
  18. Come, you pretty false-ey'd wanton
  19. A secret love
  20. Her rosy cheeks, her ever-smiling eyes
  21. Where shall I refuge seek

The Third Booke of Ayres (1617)

  1. Oft have I sigh'd for him that hears me not
  2. Maids are simple, some men say
  3. Kind are her answers
  4. Break now, my heart, and die!
  5. Now winter nights enlarge   ( Icon_pdf.gif Icon_snd.gif Capella )
  6. What is it all that men possess
  7. If thou long'st so much to learn
  8. Shall I come, sweet love, to thee   ( Network.png )
  9. Thrice toss these oaken ashes in the air
  10. Fire, fire, fire!
  11. Come, O come, my life's delight
  12. Could my heart more tongues employ
  13. Sleep, angry beauty, sleep, and fear not me
  14. Never love unless you can

The Fourth Booke of Ayres (1617)

  1. Leave prolonging thy distress
  2. Thou joy'st, fond boy, to be by many loved
  3. Veil, love, mine eyes
  4. There is a garden in her face   ( Network.png )
  5. Love me or not, love her I must or die
  6. Beauty is but a painted hell
  7. I must complain
  8. Think'st thou to seduce me then
  9. Turn all thy thoughts to eyes
  10. Beauty, since you so much desire
  11. Fain would I wed a fair young man   ( Icon_pdf.gif Icon_snd.gif Capella )

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