The Lord! how fearful is His name

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General information

This is a poem by Isaac Watts, from Horae Lyricae, entitled Sovereignty and Grace.

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Text and translations

English.png English text

1. The Lord! how fearful is his name!
How wide is his command!
Nature, with all her moving frame,
Rests on his mighty hand.

2. Immortal glory forms his throne,
And light his awful robe ;
While, with a smile or with a frown,
He manages the globe.

3. A word of his almighty breath
Can swell or sink the seas;
Build the vast empires of the earth,
Or break them as he please.

4. Adoring angels round him fall
In all their mining forms :
His sovereign eye looks through them all,
And pities mortal worms.

5. His bowels to our worthless race,
In sweet compassion move :
He clothes his looks with softest grace,
And takes his title, Love.

6. Now let the Lord forever reign,
And sway us as he will,
Sick or in health, in ease or pain,
We are his favorites still.

7. No move shall peevish passion rise ;
The tongue no more complain :
"Tis sovereign love that lends our joys,
And love resumes again.

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