The First Set of Madrigals (Robert Jones)

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General Information

Title: The First Set of Madrigals, of 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Parts, for Viols and Voices, or for Voices alone, or as you please. Composed by Robert Iones.
Composer: Robert Jones

Genre: SecularMadrigal

Language: English
Instruments: Lute, orpharion, bass-viol, or A cappella

Publication date and place: 1607 in London.
'Imprinted by John Windet'.

Description: A collection of 26 madrigals in three to eight parts.

Notes: Only the Cantus and Bassus partbooks survive, but nine of the madrigals also exist in manuscript copies. A further six were reconstructed for the Stainer & Bell publication (see below). Jones produced no subsequent sets of madrigals.

List of works

Songs for three voices

  • Thine Eyes So Bright
  • She only is the pride of Nature's skill
  • When I behold her eyes, (the first part)
  • But let her look in mine (the second part)
  • Love, if a god thou art
  • O, I do love then kiss me

Songs for four voices

  • Sing merry birds, your cheerful notes
  • I come sweet birds, with swiftest flight,
  • Cock-a-doodle-doo : thus I begin
  • Shrill-sounding bird, call up the drowsy morn (the first part)
  • And when day's fled, with slow pace I'll return(the second part)
  • Here is an end of all the songs

Songs for five voices

  • Come doleful owl. the messenger of woe,
  • Sweet, when thou singest, l'll Ieave my careful nest (the first part)
  • Thou tellest thy sorrows in a soft sweet note, (the second part)
  • When To Her Lute Corida Sings (the first part)
  • And as her lute doth live and die, (the second part)
  • If I behold your eyes
  • Since your sweet cheery lips I kissed (the first part)
  • Then grant me, dear, those cherries still (the second part)
  • Stay wandering thoughts, O whither do you hast?

Songs for six voices

  • Your presence breeds my anguish (the first part)
  • If those dear eyes that burn me, (the second part)
  • If thou speak kindly to me (the third part)

Song for seven voices

  • Are lovers full of fire? (the first part)

Song for eight voices

  • The more I burn, the more I do desire (the second part)

Works at CPDL

No works at CPDL


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