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This doesn't work in FireFox

I gather this template is supposed to produce horizontal space equal to the width of the text passed to it as a parameter; Eg., {{hs|0}}123456{{hs|78}}9 should produce

1234569 – which could be compared with
0123456789 – except it doesn't in FireFox, where it produces

The way I got the required space was to use which is the equivalent of a "figure (digit) space" for each digit that was to be omitted. Some fonts (eg. Palatino Linotype), but not all, have this "figure space" encoded as &8199 (see User:CHGiffen/Spacing for more spacing issues which led to the template spc). Since I think that Philip really intended this template primarily for left padding numbers with (figure) space so that they align right in listings. To this end, I've created a template ds so that {{ds|n}} will produce n digit spaces:

1 - type: {{ds|3}}1
10 - type: {{ds|2}}10
100 - type: {{ds|1}}100 or just {{ds}}100
1000 - type: {{ds|0}}1000 or just 1000

Chucktalk Giffen 14:39, 29 August 2009 (UTC)