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This template is intended for use in a work page, to display the number of voices and the voicing of the original work. It has two required parameters and two optional parameters.


1. Number of voices. An integer number (42 or less) or combination of integer numbers with possible punctuation; the letters vv will be displayed to the end of what you enter.
This parameter is not standardized: but it is recommended to use one integer (e.g., 8 or 16), and explain further in following parameters.
2. Identification of parts. A string of letters only the letters S A T B, with no spaces. It is possible to use one of two punctuation marks within the string: period (.) or comma (,).
  • Periods indicate multiple choirs (e.g., SATTB.SATTB.SATTB – three five-voice choirs), which will display as written; in this case, the total number of letters should be the number in the first parameter (15 in this example). Assigns page to a category of the same name (SATTB.SATTB.SATTB in this example), and to a category for number of voices (15-part choral music in this example).
  • Commas indicate up to six alternate voicings (e.g., SAT,SATB,SST or SATB,SATTB), which will display with an or between them. The number of letters delimited by commas are usually the same (first example), but they could be different (second example). Assigns page to all the categories delimited by the commas (SAT, SAB, and SST in the first example, SATB and SATTB in the second), and to a category (or categories) for number of voices (3-part choral music in the first example; 4-part choral music and 5-part choral music in the second example).
3. Optional substitute text. Plain text that will display in place of the second parameter. Cannot include a link or a template.
Please do not use special characters (such as  & # $ / \ | [ ] { } ).
add=. Text that will display after the voicing. It could include links or templates.

Syntax with required first and second parameters:

which produces the text
Number of voices: 5vv   Voicing: SSATB
and inserts the page in category:SSATB and category:5-part choral music
which produces the text
Number of voices: 3vv   Voicings: ATB, SSA or STB
and inserts the page in category:ATB, category:SSA, category:STB, and category:3-part choral music

Syntax with required parameters and optional third parameter

The third parameter is plain text (no templates or links) which will be the display for the category linked to the second parameter
  • {{Voicing|4|SATB|SATB divisi}}
which produces the text
Number of voices: 4vv   Voicing: SATB divisi
and inserts the page in category:SATB and category:4-part choral music

Optional 'add' parameter

Use add=<any text> to append any text (which may include links or templates such as {{Vcat}}); this parameter will display at the end of the voicing specification; e.g.
  • {{Voicing|5|SATBB|SATBarB|add=with optional S {{pcat|descant|s}} }}
which produces the text
Number of voices: 5vv  Voicing: SATBarB, with optional S descant.
and inserts the page in category:SATBB, category:5-part choral music, and category:Descants

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