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Extracts the Title portion from a work title:

{{TitleOnly|Brattle Street (1786) (William Billings)}} returns Brattle Street (1786)

{{TitleOnly|Psalmen Davids, Op. 5 (Heinrich Schütz)}} returns Psalmen Davids, Op. 5

{{TitleOnly|Tenebrae Responsories (Tomás Luis de Victoria)}} returns Tenebrae Responsories

{{TitleOnly|Svētais Jāzep (in D, C) (Magne Ioseph) (Anonymous)}} returns Svētais Jāzep (in D, C) (Magne Ioseph)

If no parameter is provided, {{PAGENAME}} is used:

{{TitleOnly}} on the works page Brattle Street (1786) (William Billings)

will return

Brattle Street (1786)

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