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Exceptions list:

|Jose Mauricio Nunes Garcia
|José Maurício Nunes Garcia = Nunes Garcia, José Maurício
|Pierre de la Rue
|Pierre de La Rue = La Rue, Pierre de


Converts a text in the form "Name(s) Surname" to the form "Surname, Name(s)".



returns the contents of {{PAGENAME}} after processing it.

Syntax with an optional parameter:

{{LastNameFirst|Antonín Dvořák}}

returns "Dvořák, Antonín" (note that diacritics are not removed)

{{LastNameFirst|Gregorian chant}}

returns "Gregorian chant" (chant names are not inverted)

{{LastNameFirst|José Maurício Nunes Garcia}}

returns "Nunes Garcia, José Maurício" (it is one of the names on the Exceptions list)

Usage by other templates

LastNameFirst is used inside template NameSorter, which generates sort keys. NameSorter does remove diacritics:

{{NameSorter|José Maurício Nunes Garcia}}

returns "Nunes Garcia, Jose Mauricio "