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a cappella


This template is for specifying a work as being a cappella. In every instance, page is categorized in Category:A cappella.

Note: this template supercedes Template:a cappella because it operates in the same way as other accompaniment templates (ie. it doesn't include the "Instruments:" designator before "a cappella").

Syntax, without any parameters
  • {{acap}}
which inserts
[[:Category:A cappella|''a cappella'']][[Category:A cappella]]
into a file, appearing as
a cappella
Syntax, with an alternative display parameter
  • {{acap|<value>}}
which inserts
[[:Category:A cappella|<value>]][[Category:A cappella]]
into a file, appearing as
  • {{acap}}, or optional kazoo<br>
a cappella, or optional kazoo
  • {{acap|''A Capella''}}, with optional {{PnoAcc|piano}} accompaniment.<br>
A Capella, with optional piano accompaniment.