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I'm not sure what source the contributor used for his version, but I have noticed two minor deviations from the version edited by Rutter in his "European Sacred Music".

The first difference I spotted is in Soprano 1 & 2 in measure 25. Rutter divides the word "me-a" giving "me" the first four quarter notes, then ties the "a" to the last two quarter notes of that measure, plus the first half-note in the next measure. The second deviation I noticed was the first note in measure 68. Here, he has the Soprano 1 remain on an "E" rathern than move them down to a "D", as our CPDL contributor has.

These deviations aren't necessarily errors, but they are worth noting.

LadyIslayLadyIslay 00:36, 3 September 2009 (UTC)